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IPHIGENIA IN AULIS: A Conversation with Transadapter Anne Washburn

Part Two of our video series with the creative team of IPHIGENIA IN AULIS at Classic Stage Company. Performances begin September 10. Click here for more information.

Interview with Allegro Music Director Mary Mitchell Campbell

Scott Ebersold: Can you talk a little bit about the nature of the original score and how it was orchestrated, the original size of the orchestra? Mary Mitchell Campbell: ALLEGRO …

War in the Congo: Situating Mother Courage and Her Children

“The Congo defies idealists.” -Che Guevara “The Congolese conflict resembles the European Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), in which looting was one of the fundamental activities of the contending armies.  Even when …


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‘Carmen Jones’ Is Back, and Its Director Knows What You’re Thinking