Something of a Scandal

SOMETHING OF A SCANDAL It started out innocently enough, Chekhov recounts that in early September of 1887 he was approach by the Korsh Theatre in Moscow and “implored” to write …


An Interview with A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Director, Tony Speciale

“…for it hath no bottom…” You’ve done both tragedies and comedies by Shakespeare. Do you have a preference? No. I love working on them both and find that they often …

A Note from A Midsummer’s Artistic Director Brian Kulick

“Through this house each fairy stray” Lurking behind just about every Shakespeare play is a story about its inception. Some of these stories are based on a historical kernel, others …

A Note From Galileo’s Artistic Director

A Mighty Rotation “Brecht!” a friend of mine exclaimed with that faint touch of disdain that is usually reserved toward those of us who are woefully ignorant of the latest …


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Review: Bad Girl Makes Good in a Glorious ‘Carmen Jones’