Theater for Young Audiences

Classic Stage Company (CSC) has made Shakespeare engaging and accessible to New York City students for well over a decade in classrooms through interactive actor-driven workshops, vibrant study guides, and unforgettable performances in our East Village theater. Now, in our 51st season, we are thrilled to expand programming to appeal to students of all ages, from kindergartners to high school seniors.

Contact to book your group tickets. In order to receive the group discount you will need to ensure 10 or more tickets per show.


By William Shakespeare
Directed by John Doyle

A terrifyingly prophetic tale of revenge, murder, and madness, MACBETH ominously traces the fallout when the darkest side of humanity cheats its way into a position of power. Often referred to as “The Scottish Play” by superstitious theatergoers due to the purported witchcraft found within its text, MACBETH is one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest, scariest, and yet, most popular tragedies.


Two New Adaptations Performing In Repertory
By Kate Hamill and Tristan Bernays
Based on the novels by Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley

In winter of 2020, a thrilling new repertory cycle will bring to life two legendary Gothic nightmares,
DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN. Widely known as a pair of macabre fantasies about blood-sucking vampires and man-made monsters, these chilling stories more truly scratch at the fundamental human fears of love and betrayal, while exposing the even truer horrors of basic human nature.


Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by John Weidman
From an Idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr.
Directed by John Doyle

A journey through the dark side of the American dream, Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman’s Tony-winning musical ASSASSINS explores the lives of nine men and women who either killed (or tried to kill) one of the Presidents of the United States. From John Wilkes Booth to Lee Harvey Oswald and beyond, the stories of our country’s most successful and would-be assassins intersect in unexpected ways, creating a powerful, yet unnervingly funny look at some of the most shocking moments in US history.
*Program and dates are subject to change

Shakespeare Smackdown

CSC’s Shakespeare Smackdown is a chance for your students to show off their acting chops on our stage! Participating schools may send student groups to represent them in performing selected short scenes from a Shakespearean play selected by CSC Education each year. No two groups present the same scene, and scenes are performed in chronological order. The effect is a collaborative, student-driven, mini-production of the play. Students are recognized for their efforts with prizes, including tickets to productions at CSC, free workshops for their schools, and much more.