What a dream come true. In programming my first season as Producing Artistic Director of CSC, I am so pleased to be sharing with you the exact blend of shows that I had hoped to bring to this theater, a beautifully intimate space where you get to experience the classics up close. I love putting wildly different works side by side and giving you the chance to see how they spark off one another, and our three productions this season couldn’t be more ideal to be in dialogue. A musical where the hero is not as heroic as he’d like his community to think. A Shakespearean adventure on the high seas. A Harlem-set drama of an artist caught off guard by his new muse. 

It’s possible that none of these plays will be familiar to you, but that doesn’t mean they don’t earn that designation of being “classics.” At CSC, the classical canon is not a closed set, and one of the joys and privileges of our theater is that we get to do so much more than bring you works from the theatrical canon you already know – we can produce the canon we actually deserve. This is the canon of my dreams, and I hope you’ll join me for a fantastic season ahead. 

Jill Rafson
Producing Artistic Director

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