CSC is led by our Board of Directors. Governing Board Members are a vital part of our theater, providing guidance and support to help CSC fulfill our mission and to shape the future of our company. CSC’s Board of Directors are crucial to our ability to make a powerful impact on our community by contributing critical governance and valuable expertise.

Emma Taylor, Chair
Therese Steiner, Vice Chair
Barbara Marks, Vice Chair
Myra Maultasch, Secretary
Carmen Chan, Treasurer

Raymond DiPrinzio, Executive Committee
Kathy Robb, Executive Committee
Tysha Scott, Executive Committee


Lynn F. Angelson
David Aron
Matt Benjamin
Paul Blackman
Ilyssa Coghlan
Santino Fontana
Alison Haggerty

Nikki M. James
Steven M. Rabinowitz
Robert Russo
Finley Shaw
Jennifer Stork
Gwen Tilghman
Jonathan West


Marc Abrams
Daniel Abuhoff
Kenneth Bartels
Donald Donovan
Matthew J. Harrington
Ilene Lainer
Edwin S. Maynard
Turner P. Smith


The CSC Associate Board acts in support of the company’s mission to reimagine the world’s repertory of classic theater for contemporary audiences. By engaging fresh voices and perspectives, we work towards expanding CSC’s endeavours to welcome new audiences and enrich the theater as it speaks to the critical issues of today.

Cara Akselrad, Chair
Jōvan Dansberry, Vice Chair
Malu Malhotra, Secretary 

Sophie Andreassi

Katherine Doherty

Matthew Grossman

Emily Kling 

Gaby Kornblau

Jenna Lang

Angelica J. Longo

Leonard Navarro

Zoey F. Orol

Alexandra Perloff-Giles

Caroline Rourke

Rebekah Santiago-Berger

Maksim Sorokorenskii

Jacob Stuckelman

Eric Ulloa

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