The CSC Associate Board acts in support of the company’s mission to reimagine the world’s repertory of classic theater for contemporary audiences. By engaging fresh voices and perspectives, we work towards expanding CSC’s endeavors to welcome new audiences and enrich the theater as it speaks to the critical issues of today.

As a friend of our Associate Board, please make a donation today to support our 2023-2024 Season and all the work we do to bring vibrant theater to life year after year. Thank you! 
Please let us know in the notes who introduced you to CSC!

CSC's Associate Board Members

Cara Akselrad, Chair
Jōvan Dansberry, Vice Chair

Sophie Andreassi
Matthew Grossman
Malu Malhotra
Leonard Navarro

Zoey F. Orol
Alexandra Perloff-Giles
Caroline Rourke
Eric Ulloa

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