CSC is pleased to reopen its doors and welcome audiences back to the theater! At Classic Stage Company the health and safety of all artists, audiences, and staff is our top priority. As COVID-19 studies progress and new variants emerge, CSC will continue to follow all COVID-19 trends daily and comply with all CDC, OSHA, EPA, State, and Federal recommendations. You may notice some new policies and practices to create a safe and enjoyable return to the theater.



All patrons must wear a face mask at all times inside the theater, with no exceptions. All masks must cover your nose and mouth areas with no gaps. Our Front of House staff will visually examine all patrons’ masks prior to entry to ensure masks are worn to CDC standards. If a mask is not within compliance with CDC recommendations, CSC will provide a properly fitted mask to those in need. We are continuing this extra precaution to ensure the safety of our artists, team members, and guests. As many of you know, CSC is one of New York's most uniquely intimate theater spaces where audiences sit quite close to the performers and their neighbors. As the fall and holiday seasons approach, we hope to keep everyone healthy and avoid the risk of cancelling performances due to illness. Proof of vaccination is no longer required to gain access to the building. Please continue to check our website for any updates to our current policies.



We encourage audience members to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (and use hand sanitizer afterwards to double the cleaning efforts).


There is no food or beverage allowed in the theater or lobby at this time. This includes items bought from Everyman Espresso (the coffee shop in our lobby), which may be offering takeout-only service during some performances. All food and beverages must be enjoyed outside the theater building.


Our COVID-19 safety team has designed updated cleaning practices to ensure high touch areas are disinfected frequently. Hand-sanitizing stations and new signage in the theater and lobby areas will help remind and keep everyone safe and healthy! To comply with CDC and ASHRAE recommendations, CSC has upgraded our HVAC ventilation system to provide optimal air quality to all occupants. Our ventilation system includes bipolar ionization technology, and medical graded, UV air sanitizing and ionization HEPA filters. Our CSC COVID-19 Safety team will perform daily facility assessments to ensure our space continues to be clean and safe for all audiences, artists, and staff.

We cannot wait to welcome you to the theater. Our Front of House staff will be available at all shows to guide you through a safe and enjoyable theater experience, and can answer any questions. Please email any questions prior to your visit to [email protected].

These are CSC’s current Health & Safety protocols and are subject to change. We will continue to update our policies to match the current health and safety protocols. Please check back here for more updates.

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